Some interesting Adobe Flex applications – Part 1 – Picnik

Picnik is a web based photo editing and photo touch up tool. Obviously its not Photoshop on the web but, it gives features that are largely the ones that are commonly used. The best part is that all this is achieved because the whole front end is developed using adobe flex.

I’m working on a java based product right now, whose front end is going to be flex. So I was pottering around for sample applications, tutorials, and people who’re already on the boat, and this is what I found.

About Picnik
Pretty good, You can use the plain jane features even without free registration, you will be allowed to do the touch up work(its absolutely elementary stuff) and you can download/email it/Print it. Interestingly you can email to a photo sharing website(websites like Photobucket,Snapfish,Tumblr,imageShack) even without registering.  And there is an other field in the above mentioned list of websites, in case yours is not to be found,(for example esnips).

Actual use of the application is pretty straight forward. Upload a picture. Click on the available free features on the left pane. Apply the effect on the photo using your mouse as if it were a paint brush.

You will have to register and pay to be able to Tweet it/Add it to Flickr/Make a flickr photo album/publish to your Facebook wall. and offers start at $2 a month, thats roughly Rs.100 per month,doesn’t sound attrociously costly to me.

So my analysis –
Photo editing user interface – Intuitive and Straight forward
Free features Strategy – Pretty open minded.
The letters and menus are bold and big – i think this is a major plus. A lot of average users of the web(muggles,non techies) get tired trying to find the buttons/links to the primary operations of an application. Picnik has got the basic links – Create, Edit, Save and Share – All nice and bold, so you wont miss it. Plus links like these – About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, the Privacy Policy – which are normally put in small font are nice and big as well.

Internationalisation – As of now, they offer this in English, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish and two or three other european languages.

So go ahead check it out and tell me what you think! 🙂


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