Difference Between Array and ArrayCollection in Adobe Flex

I call both the Array and the ArrayCollection as a collection object as it allows us to collect data/objects and helps us use them the way we want. 
Ok, coming to the point Only difference – We have more functions to manipulate the data from within the collection object.Also we can observe the ArrayCollection object at runtime throughout the time the application is running… which isnt possible in Array.
read this  article  http://shaleenjain.blogspot.com/2009/03/difference-between-array-and.html for more detailed explanation


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2 Responses to Difference Between Array and ArrayCollection in Adobe Flex

  1. santosh bhoyar Hyderabad says:

    Nice !!
    1) ArrayCollection is the wrapper class for array , its allow for array access using methods defined ICollectionView and IList Interface.
    2 )Push in ArrayCollection
    ArrayCollection.addItem(object) . but not in Array.

    Santosh Bhoyar

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