How to import data into MySQL from MSExcel with phpMyAdmin

This is a fairly simple process once you’ve got the steps right.

Open the Excel file. Make sure the columns of data match exactly with the fields in the database.

Using the Save As option in the File menu, Save the file in “CSV” format. Excel 2007 in particular, will give you varieties of CSV – plain CSV(Comma delimited), CSV for MS-DOS, etc. Always go for the plain CSV format.

Now fire up your phpMyAdmin and open the table in the database into which you want to import this data.

Click on the Import tab.

Select the file from your folder using the “browse” button. Below this, you will find the “Format of Imported file” section. Here select the “CSV using LOAD DATA” radio button. To the right of this you will find the “Options” section. In this select the “Replace table data with file” checkbox. Now type a ‘,’ (thats right, type the comma) in the “Field terminated by” text box. Dont change any other option. Just hit the Go button below, and your data will safely and smoothly get imported into the MySQL table.


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