Differences between Flash Professional, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst

These are the latest softwares released by Adobe for Flash and Flex Developers.  These three are for three related but different purposes.  But one cant make out the differences by reading the above three Names.  Flash Professional is the software one uses to create Flash animations.

Flash Catalyst is a tool to generate UI in mxml format to be used by the Flex application developer.  Without Flash Catalyst, Application UI Designers would envision the application’s behaviour, color combination, and general look and feel  and generate PNG/JPEG/PSD/AI and give it to developers along with printouts for the next state of user interactions. And then the develoeper’s code for it and end doing a stone age version of the fancy UI thought out by the designers. Flash Catalyst fills this gap. Designer’s Resources (images and PSD/AI files) can be imported into Flash  Catalyst and one can create fully functional UI mockups. The only thing lacking would be the actual business logic.  This can be saved and imported into Flash Builder for next level use by developers who will fill in the business logic.

Flash Builder is the name of the latest version of the Flex IDE developed by Adobe.  The previous version was called Flex Builder, and this was built for the Flex 3 SDK. Flash Builder is targeted towards the latest version of Flex SDK version 4. With this one can build,debug and deploy Flex Applications.


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  2. Thanks for the brief explanation! After many years we’ve finally got round to purchasing CS5.5 Web Premium. I’ve never worked with Flash; always been against it but want to learn how to do basic stuff.

    A real journey of discovery for sure!

    • John says:

      Same here. I’ve been experimenting with the various applications in CS5.5 Web Premium and have to say that once you have wrestled with the “information overload” its really quite good at implementing graphics and flash animations. Its well worth the investment in both time and money and I like the workflows that can be used with these applications.

  3. robertshare says:

    got it , i’ve been wondering for long ,today i got the differences betweent them,

  4. JoshuA says:

    If I just purchase the production premium suite, it does not include flash builder. Can I create apple or android apps with only the other 2 programs?

  5. Sridevi says:

    I have been designing graphics for mobile apps from 3 months. I am a graphics designer. I have all 3 flash softwares and untill now I am blank about how to use catalyst and builder. I have been working hard to send the graphics to my developer and make changes whenever they ask me for. Thanks for explaining very clearly about the adobe flash softwares for mobile apps. From now onwards, I can work more effectively.

  6. nxhoaf says:

    Thank you, It’s both clear and consistent 🙂

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