Behaviour Driven Development for Java based Flex applications ?

I recently came to know about the conveniences of Behaviour Driven Development of software at PyCon India 2010 . So I was curious to know how BDD works out for Java based Flex applications, and went and asked my chief mentor about BDD frameworks for Flex apps and BDD frameworks for Java/Servlet based apps.

And here are some initial findings – There are not any significant libraries for BDD in Flex.

For a focussed Java only app, there are a few options. Here is a discussion about this –

1)Jakarta Cactus – Extends JUnit and adds a few features

2)Cucumber – Originally written in Ruby, then got ported on to JRuby

3)JBehave –

4)JDave –

These are the ones I have found so far, have to take each of them for a spin.


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