Unit Testing and Continuous Integration approach for Flex applications

From the time I came to know about continuous integration approach combined with rigorous unit testing, I have been wondering how this would work in the Flex application development cycle. And after much R&D(read that as loads and loads of Google Search :D) I have found an article that gives a complete perspective to be adopted to implement the continuous integration approach in the workplace.

I haven’t read through this article fully – thats the agenda for the week – to read it and put it to practice. Meanwhile this post is more of a linklog so that I can easily find it back (My bookmarks in my browser are overflowing!)

If you have experimented and adopted this approach in your project – do share your thoughts on the best practices in this area.



I shall post the results of my trials this week.

———- UPDATE —————

Looks like Cairngorm in its latest edition – has tried to position itself as one step higher than a regular MVC framework and has laid down guidelines on how to develop, test and deploy Flex applications  – alongwith a lot of best practices – worthy of reading –




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