Tech And Startup Events In and Around Chennai

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Finally here it is – There are a lot of tech events that are shaping up in Chennai – and I found it next to impossible to track any of them beyond a point.  So here is a compilation of as many events that I have tried to track in the past few days – I’ve setup a public Google Calendar for now. Its not very sophisticated, but good enough for now.

You can track/bookmark it from here as well

Alternatively You can catch the RSS feed here

I’m wondering how to make this publicly editable – but thats for later. Siddharta Govindaraj’s idea sounds good – needs to be explored – doesnt allow me to paste the Calendar inside the post(its an <iframe> tag) – So you will have check it out at the links above )



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4 Responses to Tech And Startup Events In and Around Chennai

  1. Rajmahendra says:

    Google Calendar is nice.

    go to setting and select Shared and check to public. so it can be accessed by anyone. ( i hope its already done.)

    To make it editable we can call for one representative from each Group in chennai and add them to the calendar and they will have rights to add and edit.

    • vatsalad says:

      Yup – I have setup it up as a public calendar.
      Abt updating it – Yup good idea to add others into the Calendar – will get in touch with the various administrators

  2. knaqu says:

    Thanks for the helpful post dude. I wonder why these people are not using I suggest using it. Its an amazing portal which brings many enthusiasts to the events.

    • vatsalad says:

      for some reason, hasnt taken off in chennnai. i will recommend it to my friends there. thanks

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