Library Watch: Using GIF Images in a Flex application

What is this all about?

GIF images are of two varieties – the plain kind and the animating kind. And It is possible to do very basic animation in GIF images. But you can never embed an animating GIF image in a Flex application. try it if you want.

AS3GIF is a ActionScript library that lets you play and encode animated GIF’s with ActionScript 3.  Here is a piece of code to a sample Flex project that uses AS3GIF to display a Gif Image.

Other things that can be done with this library

You can code for shapes in ActionScript in a framewise sequence and encode them and play them as an image using GIFEncoder class in this library

Usability Perspective

This library is fine, it precisely solves the problem it has taken up to address, but my question is this – How many people actually use Gif Images in Flex applications? IF they do, do they use it as control components’ skins? or as background images? I’m not quite sure.

And oh! Here is the link to the sample project – download the code and copy paste all the files into a FlexBuilder/FlashBuilder project’s source folder –


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