BookNotes – Chapter1 Using Memcached by Josef Finsel

Shring key takeaways from the first chapter of the Using memcached throu this blog post. Purpose is for me to recapitulate my learning and for you to get the highlights.

Before starting to read is book, I would recommend readin the following links – these will refresh the memory with the scope and context of words like  events and servers: –

The key takeaways are –
1. Memcached is a NameValue Pair cache only and NOT a persistent data store of any sort.
2. The max size of Name/key is 250 chars, max size of values that can be stored is 1 MB.
3. Can be installed on both linux/unix and Windows servers.
Running the server under Windows as a service only allows one one instance. If you want to run multiple instances you will need to actually run memcached multiple times with different port addresses. This can be done by adding keys to the Registry or by using a tool such as AutoRuns[1] to do that for you.
4. 4 commands for add, update and remove data, and a detailed statistics command
5. Works on a server client basis, so for raw interactions with a trial memcached sever use telnet as a client

That, in short, is the highlights of this chapter.

For detailed reading head to


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