Hi I am Vatsala Dorairajan. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Anna University(KCG College of Technology), Chennai in May 2008.

Since then, I have worked with PHP(2008-2009),Java(2009-2013),Adobe Flex(2009-2011), Python(hobby projects)(2013-2014), Javascript(Backbone.js mostly)(all along so far), Ruby-Rails(2014-)

The idea of starting this blog is to try and give answers to those questions for which I couldnt find an answer in google search. This, I feel, is a small contribution from my side to the community. Learners and beginners will particularly find this content useful as it is a record of my hands on experiences.

My Personal Blog is at http://eclectic-rant.blogspot.com and you can find me here on twitter – http://www.twitter.com/vatsala


3 Responses to About

  1. shailendra says:

    I am trying to learn JEE technology on my own..currently working on Flex..can u give sum ideas how to go abt it ?
    Thnks in advance 🙂

    • vatsalad says:


      Java Enterprise Edition is a quite a broad topic of study. The JEE is a comprehensive group of APIs with which a developer will be able to develop web applications. Any web application has three aspects to it, the visual presentation, the actual computation and the data store.

      And JEE has APIs covered for all of these : Java ServerFaces, JavaServerPages for the presentation, Enterprise Java Beans for the computational aspect and the Java Persistence API and Java Transaction API for handling the datastore operations. The Servlet API acts as a match referee,and provides a common ground for all these guys to interact, and hence I feel that the Servlet is said to provide core web container functionality.

      In addition to this there are a few APIs that focus on XML based communication (JAX-RS,JAX-WS,JAX-RPC,etc). But looking at it in a very broad sense, JEE can be seen as broken up into these three segments.

      I think this perspective would be a starting point to study Java EE.

  2. Arulalan.T says:

    Great Blog ;
    Keep Posting

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