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Setting up a custom domain with Github User Pages

Enough documentation is available about this on the internet, but for some reason I find that they are slightly fragmented and none of them give an end-to-end view.  So here is an order in which you can go through these … Continue reading

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Fear of emerging trends

So far in my work life, I have been more of a generalist who knows a little of a lot of things, but none in great depth. I happened to chance upon the careers page of a promising startup and realised I … Continue reading

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Courselog : Week 1 Introduction to R programming

I am taking this 4 week course about the fundamentals for R programming via Coursera  Here is a summary of what I learnt as part of Week 1 The origins of R The basic units of data that one can … Continue reading

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How to handle merge conflicts with git

Even though there is enough documentation about this topic on the internet, often the topic of resolving merge conflicts becomes a white elephant that everyone talks about but does not how to do well. So here is a video that … Continue reading

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EventLog – vodQA Pune 2014

On Saturday, I attended vodQA  2014 – an annual event run by Thoughtworks. vodQA is an event focussed around testing and quality assurance targetted towards professionals in the software testing field. There were multiple tracks in the event, sharing significant … Continue reading

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Today I Learnt – Alter Sequence Caching

What I discovered about Alter Sequence Caching in Postgres Continue reading

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How to connect to an existing database with sqlite3 3.6.20

If you have the later versions of sqlite, then using the command line client sqlite3 to open a .db file is easy, and is available on the 1st page of a web search, which is that you get into the … Continue reading

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