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How to write a good itemRenderer?

This is always a million dollar question about how to write an itemRenderer that has been set up with the optimum resources so the final flex application will render smoothly.. Here is an old article by Alex Harui – Advertisements

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Behaviour Driven Development for Java based Flex applications ?

I recently came to know about the conveniences of Behaviour Driven Development of software at PyCon India 2010 . So I was curious to know how BDD works out for Java based Flex applications, and went and asked my chief … Continue reading

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Unit Testing and Continuous Integration approach for Flex applications

From the time I came to know about continuous integration approach combined with rigorous unit testing, I have been wondering how this would work in the Flex application development cycle. And after much R&D(read that as loads and loads of … Continue reading

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Differences between Flash Professional, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst

These are the latest softwares released by Adobe for Flash and Flex Developers.  These three are for three related but different purposes.  But one cant make out the differences by reading the above three Names.  Flash Professional is the software … Continue reading

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How to deploy your flex app to different servers without hardcoding the URL?

After thinking much about this, I have arrived at a way to do this. The need/requirement is this – Since I work in a startup, we keep changing servers, and their IP addresses. And being a  service oriented application – … Continue reading

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How to optimize the SWF file in a Flex application?

I found this answer in the Flex India User Group mailing list today. The answer has been given by Saurabh Narula in response to a question by Khalid Chaudhary. The question is this – When we create a new Flex … Continue reading

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How to use Properties file/ResourceBundle in flex

In Flex its possible to add a properties file – say  – which will contain common inputs to the app at one place. This makes it easy to edit/supply values from one point and populate the changes to all … Continue reading

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