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Hibernate Communications Link Error – C3P0,MySQL and broken pipe error

ok, I am in a mood to rant about my travails in this matter, But I am choosing to cut the long story short. It is very easy to setup a project that runs on Hibernate with the help of … Continue reading

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Single EntityManagerFactory object across various Restlet Resources

In my short experience with EntityManagerFactory objects, I have seen that creating a new object of this type takes a considerable amount of time its actually a few seconds, so you realize you are waiting for something to happen. Now … Continue reading

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Hibernate Tutorials – Hibernate Join, Mappings et al

Have you been looking for tutorials to understand Hibernate better?? Is there a project deadline coming up and you are nowhere close to completing even the Data Access Layer? Ok, Here are some tutorials for understanding Hibernate. But there is … Continue reading

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How to use the LIMIT parameter in HQL

If you have used MySQL, at least with phpmyadmin(like me :D), then you will be familiar with the LIMIT keyword used in the SQL queries. The “LIMIT” keyword tells the query processor about the minimum number of records to be … Continue reading

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What is Hibernate? In common man’s language

What is Hibernate? What does it do? Answers to all this in common man’s language Continue reading

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