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Java Libraries that you can use – Apache Jakarta Commons

There are libraries that you can use and save development time in your project. These are part of the Apache Jakarta Commons Project. Listen to this podcast to know more about it. Continue reading

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The basics of Weka by Mark Hall

Here is a link to a recording of a presentation made by Mark Hall, Weka Architect, Pentaho,+2009+-+Mark+Hall+-+Introduction+to+Weka

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Single EntityManagerFactory object across various Restlet Resources

In my short experience with EntityManagerFactory objects, I have seen that creating a new object of this type takes a considerable amount of time its actually a few seconds, so you realize you are waiting for something to happen. Now … Continue reading

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How to handle XML received as part of a POST Request in Restlet?

I have used this in Restlet 2.0 only so far.. So thats a small disclaimer that I’m not sure how this will work out in the lower versions. Right, lets jump in and get our hands dirty. The requirement (so … Continue reading

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How to setup a Servlet based Restlet Webservice?

If you are starting out the first time with Restlet, then you’re at the right place for tips. First steps – Head to and download the latest version of the library. I use Restlet 2.0 milestone 6. Milestone releases … Continue reading

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Java Iterator iterates only once!

In Java, If you use Iterator object to traverse through Lists or Arraylists, then remember that an iterator runs through a list only once. Example Iterator<String> x = someStringList.iterator(); Iterator<String> y = someOtherStringList.iterator(); while(x.hasNext()) { While(y.hasNext()) { //do something … Continue reading

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