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Linklog – Low level Parsing,Lexing Grammars

Found this via @ravi_mohan¬†today – He was trying to find books/articles on low level lexing and parsing of grammars and found this from his network – Seems to be worth reading – But currently I am unable to do so … Continue reading

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Linklog – Personal Hadoop Sandbox cluster by Hortonworks

Found link this via a sponsored/promoted tweet on twitter today – Right now, I am not able to take this for a test ride. Looking forward to inputs on how good this is to get one’s hands dirty with … Continue reading

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Blending Features in Canvas HTML5

Reblogging this from Adobe website as a means to easily find the link again – Summary of the post – Adobe has added some specs to the canvas api which will improve the way colors and backgrounds get blended. This … Continue reading

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Bridging the learning curve to Backbone.js

Sharing a URL which talks about how to move from JQuery programming to Backbone style. – i.e. converting an existing codebase into a Backbone based app –¬†

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Flex / ActionScript PDF generation library


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Behaviour Driven Development for Java based Flex applications ?

I recently came to know about the conveniences of Behaviour Driven Development of software at PyCon India 2010 . So I was curious to know how BDD works out for Java based Flex applications, and went and asked my chief … Continue reading

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Unit Testing and Continuous Integration approach for Flex applications

From the time I came to know about continuous integration approach combined with rigorous unit testing, I have been wondering how this would work in the Flex application development cycle. And after much R&D(read that as loads and loads of … Continue reading

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